West Finchley Conservation Area:

By Sue Walder

This first appeared in the February 2010 issue

Following the ongoing protest against a proposed development at 1 Courthouse Gardens (see The Arrow, November 2009), the idea to get West Finchley deemed a conservation area is gaining momentum with a public meeting scheduled for 4:00pm on Sunday 7 March at Gordon Hall, Huntly Drive (off Nether Street) to gauge local interest in pushing the proposal forward.

The area under discussion includes: Finchley Way, Brent Way, Hamilton Way, West Avenue, Nether Street parade of shops (including the tube station and Gordon Hall), Courthouse Gardens, Courthouse Road, Fursby Avenue, Nethercourt Avenue, Chesterfield Road and Westbury Road.

Created by local councils, conservation areas typically have special architectural or historic interest. There are already 18 conservation areas in Barnet including Lodge Lane, Moss Hall Crescent, Finchley Church End and Finchley College Farm. All these areas have restrictions on developments to preserve their unique character or appearance.

Kieran Kettleton, who will be chairing the public meeting and is a member of the local residents’ group behind the idea, said that
if the meeting arouses enough interest residents will be encouraged to sign a petition to be submitted to the Council with a proposal.

“Our aim is to protect the area from over-development,” he said.

“If we get conservation area status it wouldn’t stop extensions or loft conversions, but it should protect the area from developments such as blocks of flats. Conservation area status would help to maintain our suburban neighbourhood of family homes with gardens.”

At the public meeting, residents will get the chance to ask questions and find out more about West Finchley’s history. If anyone has old photos of the area, or stories of interest, then please email kettleton.family@tesco.net.

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