Finchley WI:

Less Jam, more networking

By Sue Walder

Set up in May 2009 by a group of local women, Finchley WI is one of the newest additions to the National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI) – the largest voluntary organisation for women in the UK.

It’s one of a growing number of urban-based WIs that have ditched the old stereotype of church fetes and cream teas and instead are focusing on helping women pursue new interests as well as providing networking opportunities.

As President Sara Hitner explained, with 25 active members and up to 40 regular guests, Finchley WI is still very much a fledgling organisation.

“What began as an idea discussed over a cup of coffee with a neighbour has grown largely through word of mouth,” she said.

“We welcome women of all backgrounds and ages to join us and help shape it into something that really reflects our local community.  We’re at the stage where we it can become whatever we want it to be.”

So far, the WI has had an interesting range of guest speakers including a local burlesque dancer.

As well as the regular knitting, sewing and theatre clubs, this month’s guest speakers include: Lydia Sellgett, of specialist publisher Persephone Books and Henrietta Lovett of the Rare Tea Company.

Finchley WI meets on the second Wednesday of each month at St Mary-at-Finchley Parish Church Hall, Hendon Lane between 8 and 10 pm.  However, from next month the group will be meeting at a new venue – Avenue House.

If you’re female, over 18 and would like to join the WI or find out more about future activities, please go to: 

This is an article from our March 2010 issue.


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  1. jaclyn Beckwith Says:

    Would be very interested to come along and visit you and give you support! Sounds good. Us women are the workers, and do beleive are the driving force behind the men! Those who have them!, Kind Regards Jaki Beckwith. Well Done!

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