Reduced editorial meetings

As from now, we have reduced our editorial meetings from four a month to just two.

We have managed to do this through Zoho.

Zoho is a well established “Cloud” organisations that allows a businessman to be totally mobile by being able to run his business from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. From email, to writing letters, sending invoices to organising projects – in fact at the last count they offer over 20 business applications from the one website at

We have been offered access for all our team members to Zoho Projects free of charge (a saving of $240 a year) to run our community newspaper. This means a lot of what was discussed at meetings are set out in a clear manner in the project management software – thus saving having to meet weekly. As this progresses we might even cut this down to one meeting a month.

We will continue with our “Meet the team” meetings on the first Wednesday and third Sunday of each month though.


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