Votes cast at the last (2006) Local Elections for Finchley

Finchley Central

Greenspan, Eva Conservative Elected: 2604
Freer, Michael Whitney Conservative Elected: 2543
Thomas, Daniel Clive Byron Conservative Elected: 2402

Total Conservative votes: 7,549
Percentage of total vote: 64.33%

Paun, Alay Labour 691
Walsh, Michael Anthony Labour 756
Watkins, Brian James Labour 702

Total Labour votes: 2,149
Percentage of total vote: 18.32%

Davis, Malcolm Brian Liberal Democrat 526
Graber, Ingeborg Liberal Democrat 435
Graham, James Peter David Liberal Democrat 508

Total Liberal Democrat votes: 1,469
Percentage of total vote: 12.52%

Dunn, Miranda Jane Green 567
Percentage of total vote: 4.83%

Total Votes cast: 11,734

West Finchley

Houston, Ross Semple Labour Elected: 1799
Tierney, James Bernard Labour Elected: 1717
Mcguirk, Kath Labour Elected: 1667

Total Labour votes: 5,183
Percentage of total vote: 41,95%

Ableson, Richard Neil Conservative 1618
Knight, Gareth Lewis Keith Conservative 1587
Wilding, Peter John Conservative 1603

Total Conservative votes: 4,808
Percentage of total vote: 38.93%

Blount, Malcolm Spencer Hurlston Liberal Democrat 602
Pawar, Prem Singh Liberal Democrat 537
Turner, Janice Liberal Democrat 575

Total Liberal Democrats votes: 1,714
Percentage of total vote: 13.87%

Gee, Michael Robin Green 649
Percentage of total vote: 5.25%

Total votes cast: 12,354

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