Beware – pickpockets in the borough

The following came from Paul Hammond, of Barnet’s Neighbourhood Watch group, we thought we should put this up immediately.

There has been five separate incidents already this month of pickpocketing in the borough.

All the victims were elderly. One was on a bus, one whilst shopping and the others were walking along a street.

Only one group of suspects were actually seen but escaped before they could be apprehended. These were women, thought to be of Eastern European origin.

It’s vital that handbags are kept to your front and should be zipped up or difficult to get into. If you have a shoulder bag with a front flap, wear it back to front so the flap is on the inside next to your body.

The pickpocket will distract you by asking a question or pushing into you, whilst another will do the thieving! Beware of anyone invading your personal space, particularly on buses, shops or near cash machines.

A good tip for the ladies is to tie a small cat bell on the handbag, these are cheap and are available at pet shops etc. If you get6 a pickpocket dipping in, you might well hear the bell and then can take evading action. If in doubt about any suspicious persons call 999.


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