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I discovered this website through an interesting “app” I found for my smartphone. You don’t, however, need a smartphone to look at it as it is available for any Internet user.

They are a world-wide site where visitors write about the shops, restaurants, pubs and everything else they visit.

For instance, they have lots of places in Finchley and I am busy cleaning up the area for them, such as deleting companies no longer in business, and changing names of business with a name change. Fortunately, if there is a change of ownership, the old write-ups disappear.

I have written up places in Paris, Brussels, Antwerpen, Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Simon’s Town, San Jose and soon when the restaurant re-opens, in San Diego.

They also have events – the latest is a picnic this Saturday in Regents Park.

This is a fine example of where ordinary people can make a difference and create a window for their own location.

A little about the app which is available for Android, the iPhone and the Blackberry. You can’t use it to work on the write-ups but you can view them, and it works on the location where you are at the moment and shows places for that area. For example, now it shows Finchley places, but when I was in Croydon and looked for a restaurant, it showed only those local to where I was.

Andrew Taylor – editor.


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  1. Rachelle Says:

    Hey Ampers

    Great that you love the site!
    Have another play with the App, as you can update your location to give you local information from anywhere you can find a signal 🙂

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