Watch out, there’s a Humphery about

There are companies who ask you to send your gold to them and they will send you cash by return. I am not saying they are good or bad, but once you have sent your possessions to them, it is hard not to accept their price!

The other day my wife and I went to Bonhams to put some of my wife’s jewellery she inherited into auction. Two of the items weren’t collectors pieces and the lady at Bonhams recommended a company in Hatton Gardens. She said they buy old gold and melt it down. She indicated the chain and plaque and said they’d probably pay £250 for that and around £50 for the brooch.. We took her advice of course – I say, of course as one respects a company such as Bonhams – and went to Cookson Exchange, at 49 Hatton Garden.

We were pleasantly surprised at our visit to Cookson. They seemed a genuinely good company and were at the end of Hatton Garden away from the very commercial shops which didn’t give us any confidence when we saw them. And instead of Bonhams’ guess of £300, we received over £500. They didn’t like the idea of going through the paperwork to raise a cheque and insisted in paying us in cash.

So beware of postal selling, if gets awkward if you don’t like their price. With Cookson, if you don’t like the price you can just walk away.

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