A “human endurance” story


This is the story of a school teacher in Kent who has recently returned from a 37,000 mile journey on his motor cycle, around the entire circumference of Africa, a trip which he started last November. He accomplished this without a support team, in other words, alone. At the same time, apart from being shot at, he has managed to raise £28,000 for the “Save the Children” charity.

If anyone from Finchley would like to attempt an equally hazardous adventure, the Finchley arrow would be delighted to keep their journey in our newspaper every month.

Any cyclists willing to cycle around North and South America?


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The best management book I have ever read

This is a book in two halves.

The first half is about giving a manager time to manage by helping him to avoid taking on a problem from a member of staff, and avoiding having to spend too much time on fire-fighting.

It is also about taking a person who has joined your company – not fresh out of college, but after a few other positions where they have been shouted at, bullied, and made to look small by bosses with king size inferiority complexes.

It enables you, whilst avoiding taking over the problem in the first part, to grow your member of staff into making the correct responsible decisions for themselves in the second part.

It is part of a series of management books called The One-Minute manager by Ken Blanchard but, in my opinion, it is the only one that is a masterpiece and worth every penny of the price.

It is a paperback of around 150 pages and is called “The One-Minute Manager meets the Monkey”, it doesn’t take long to get to the point and there is very little “fillings” in the text. You can buy it, at present, on Amazon UK for £4.22 including delivery!

Apart from business, it can be useful for committee members of clubs and societies as well.


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