Energy companies to respect ‘No Cold Callers’ signs

by Sue Walder

From 1 October anyone clearly displaying a written note or sticker saying ‘No cold callers’ should be free from the irritation of doorstep selling by energy companies.

Campaigning by energy watchdog Consumer Focus and the Trading Standards Institute, has resulted in the ‘big six’ energy companies (British Gas, EDF Energy, E-ON, NPower, Scottish Power and SSE) agreeing to a revised industry-wide code of practice.

The EnergySure Code of Practice now states that sales agents will not call on premises where there is a message prominently displayed by householders in the form of a written ‘No cold calling’ note or sticker.

If cold calling by energy company agents persists even though a sign is clearly displayed, then consumer website Moneysavingexpert advises consumers to make a note of their name and employee number and then report them to the energy company concerned as well as government agency Consumer Direct on 08454 040506 (see also

To help people make the most of this code, Moneysavingexpert is offering a free, printable ‘No Cold Calling’ sign from their website, go to:

Did you know?

  • In 2008, research by the energy regulator Ofgem revealed that just under half of customers who switched supplier in response to a direct sales approach ended up on a worse deal.
  • This resulted in the introduction of new protections around energy sales so that when consumers sign up to a new deal on the doorstep they must receive a price comparison to prove the deal being offered is better than their existing one.
  • A Consumer Focus survey in July 2009 revealed that nearly seven out of 10 consumers who had received a direct sales call from an energy supplier rated the experience as negative and a third described the experience as intimidating.
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Police notice of a method of burglary

Please see below a report from a member in Edgware. This guy was probably a burglar and if this happens to you call police on 999. Most of these criminals are arrested by direct call to police from members of the public.

‘Dodgy window cleaner’

I just had a very strange chap knock at my door. When I answered it, he told me he was “the window cleaner”. I told him he wasn’t my window cleaner and he told me “well this was the address he gave me”.

I asked him who “he” was and he mumbled something and walked off down the path. I then saw him putting a ladder up against next door (they are out). However, when a parcel delivery man appeared, he quickly took it down and went off down the road.

He had no form of transport; just a bucket and a ladder.
I mention this as not only did I think he was very suspicious but we had a very similar experience at my previous address – and that “window cleaner” turned out to be a burglar who succeeded in breaking into two flats before being discovered by the porter!

Please remember that this is worth a 999 call particularly as we are approaching the seasonal burglary peak.

The Police are launching their new campaign todasy with their partner agencies.  I will be sending you info on that as soon as we get it.


Paul Hammond, Barnet Boroughwatch

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Organ appeal event

Saturday 9th October at 6:00pm

Hendon Salvation Army Band at St Mary-at-Finchley in Hendon Lane.

Admission is free but a collection for the Organ Appeal will be made.

The band has been going for 125 years and they promise not to play anything too heavy, with the emphasis being on “melody”.

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Help us raise funds at no cost to yourself…

Three ways to help the Finchley Arrow…

… at absolutely no cost you yourself

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How much can you raise?

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