Police notice of a method of burglary

Please see below a report from a member in Edgware. This guy was probably a burglar and if this happens to you call police on 999. Most of these criminals are arrested by direct call to police from members of the public.

‘Dodgy window cleaner’

I just had a very strange chap knock at my door. When I answered it, he told me he was “the window cleaner”. I told him he wasn’t my window cleaner and he told me “well this was the address he gave me”.

I asked him who “he” was and he mumbled something and walked off down the path. I then saw him putting a ladder up against next door (they are out). However, when a parcel delivery man appeared, he quickly took it down and went off down the road.

He had no form of transport; just a bucket and a ladder.
I mention this as not only did I think he was very suspicious but we had a very similar experience at my previous address – and that “window cleaner” turned out to be a burglar who succeeded in breaking into two flats before being discovered by the porter!

Please remember that this is worth a 999 call particularly as we are approaching the seasonal burglary peak.

The Police are launching their new campaign todasy with their partner agencies.  I will be sending you info on that as soon as we get it.


Paul Hammond, Barnet Boroughwatch

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