Listed Buildings in Finchley

Some building names may be abbreviated or partial; this is how they are recorded in the original register.

See buildings on parish map (Warning: this may be very slow to load if there are a large number of listed buildings in this parish)


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  1. Iggy Mascarenhas Says:

    Planning Application F/03983/10 – Gate House St. Pancras Cemetry

    I am writing to you to ask for your help in opposing a planning application, which I believe, would result a loss in amenities for a historic building in Finchley.

    I own 320 High Road N2 9AD.

    This Grade II listed Gate House to the St. Pancras & Islington cemetery is a well-known landmark on the High Road.

    The gate house has prominent signs showing “Ancient Lights”.

    In February 2010 a planning application F/02593/09 was approved.

    Since obtaining permission, the site has been sold on to another developer.

    The new owners have submitted a planning application F/03983/10 which will substantially reduce the light entering the property, as well as the courtyard.

    Most of the windows of the lodge overlook the development. Because of its listed status, there is no acceptable means of increasing the light from other directions.

    The planning application mentions that the development will not cross any 45 degree site lines to any neighbours FIRST floor windows. It does not consider ground floor windows.

    The windows of the proposed extension will look straight in to the bedroom windows.

    I believe that this application will make a material change to the nature of this Grade II listed building, and I would appreciate it if you would consider taking action to prevent this change.

    I feel very strongly about this matter, and I want to raise a strong campaign against the development.

    I regard the ownership of the property as a stewardship, I do not want this development to take place “on my watch”

    I have set up a web site at for further information

    I would be grateful if you would be able to provide me with any help or advice in this matter

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