This is where the news will go

From 1st November, all the news concerning Finchley N3 and N12 will go here, on the main page.

You should click on one of the links on the far right if you want to stay informed on a day to day basis. Ignore the RSS feeds if you don’t understand what they mean, and just click the Email sign me up button.

We don’t envisage more than half a dozen posts here each month, with all the main features going on the features page (above right) at the end of each month, so the short emails won’t be a bother and will include a link straight to the page.

Keep entering your events in the form on the Finchley Arrow’s website in the normal way and these will also be posted in the Events Page (above right).

We hope you will appreciate the new system and the fact that we can get the news to you much faster from now on.

Andrew Ampers Taylor – Acting Editor

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2 Responses to “This is where the news will go”

  1. Jan Loxley Says:

    Using an iPod touch the column or link on the far right doesn’t appear so I can’t register for news updates. I imagine it will be the same problem for other phone and mobile Internet users – although mobiles are just where fast news is needed most!

  2. Ampers Says:

    A good point. I use the WordPress official app on my Android phone and didn’t worry that it wouldn’t read the other columns.

    However, it didn’t worry me at the time as smartphone users normally have a PC.

    But nowadays people may eventually do away with their PCs as various pads become more prolific. I have seen a Windows version and a Linux version (Android) which are being released in November (I am an IT Journalist in my other life).

    I will drop a line to WordPress about this, and suggest you do as well. They won’t do anything until they have a hundred or more requests. This is how these people work. All they need to do is to add another symbol to the top row.

    If you don’t have a computer, send me an email and I will add your email address for you.


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