The Arrow benefit night

The "Rockin' Boys band

The "Rockin' Boys" at the Finchley Arrow benefit night

by guest writer Christopher Nicolas

The Dignity in Regents Park Road was filled to capacity with the Rockin’ Boys, who entertained the revellers on Saturday night, 6 November.

The Benefit Night, organised by Don Pepper, the Finchley Arrow’s wildlife columnist, started with a somewhat quieter yet brilliant acoustic duet consisting of James Mattocks (of the Rockin’ Boys) on guitar and Jenny Parsons on vocals.

Then came the Rockin’ Boys, who really made the place shake. This classic rock band have been playing with this line-up for three years: Paul Stapleton on vocals, John Kushner on bass, Pat Casey on drums, and James Mattocks and Dave Bennett on guitar. Sound man Matt J Bate from F1:Sound Co Ltd, a North Finchley company, also did an excellent job.

In total £238.18 was raised. This included a generous contribution from Bill Brooks comprising £45.65 in five-pence pieces collected throughout this year, as well as a pair of squirrel pants given as a raffle prize. (Squirrel pants are men’s Y-fronts with nuts sewn into them.) The raffle prizes (over a dozen) were given out as a winner’s choice on a first come, first served basis. The squirrel pants were one of the first prizes chosen!

Other prizes included a meal for two with a bottle of wine, donated by The Dignity, and a lot of computer stuff, film DVDs and other items donated by the Finchley Arrow. Thanks should also be given to Vinnie and Pete for going round with a bucket for donations.


Customers at The Dignity

Customers at The Dignity on the Arrow's Benefit Night

Editors note: This benefit night was set up and run entirely by our resident twitcher (bird watching writer), Don Pepper. He single-handledly arranged the prizes, the posters, the marketing and the management on the night. A huge thank you to Don from the Finchley Arrow editorial team.


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  1. davlew Says:

    Nice work, Don. I don’t think we had any idea that so much money would be raised, thanks to your efforts, the generosity of The Dignity’s patrons, and the help of Phil, the pub’s manager.

  2. Ampers Says:

    Thanks, Don. What a magnificent effort. Please thank the two groups for their wonderful contributions, and the pub manager, Phil, who not only allowed it all to happen, but generously donated to the raffle prizes.

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