Terry Thomas


Cartoon of Terry Thomas

Terry Thomas who was originally from Finchley

Our first offering from our resident cartoonist, Paul Brolan.


2 Responses to “Terry Thomas”

  1. ashley chapman Says:

    I noted with enthusiasm your cartoon of the great Terry-Thomas, who I had the great pleasure of knowing in childhood, as he was a friend of my late father, Patrick Chapman. He was an immensely humorous character, as you can imagine, with a mischievous twinkle in the eye. Once, he picked me up in his Green Bentley for the ride to Morna Valley school in Ibiza, where his son also attended, and asked me along the way about my future. When I said I wanted to be an actor, like himself, he said encouragingly: “It’s a great profession — if you ever need any help, young man, come and see me.” Apart from the walnut interior of the convertible, I don’t remember much else, as I seven-years-old at the time. Well, in the end, I didn’t take him up on his kind offer, but I remember the old ‘bounder’ with a great deal of fondness.

  2. Pat Dunnill Says:

    I think the (middle) Ginkgo outside Tesco’s is just about surviving, though it is smaller than the other four and the top seems to be dead. This is not, after all, a very satisfactory site for any trees though Ginkgos are often used in streets. If they happen to be female they may have smelly fruits!

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