Our man in Indiana

Our moderator, Larry McElhineyWe would like to tell you about Larry McElhiney, from Indiana, USA, who is a fully fledged member of our team.

I have known Larry for some time through our shared love of South Africa and Afrikaans, the language I used most until the mid    1950s.

I asked Larry to write a few words explaining why he wanted to volunteer to help us, and here is his reply: “Volunteering to me is part of an internal ethic. I believe in giving back or even ‘paying forward’ to help my community to be successful because it was my community which helped to make me successful. I believe that we all receive knowledge and gain skills which are ‘on loan’ to us throughout our lives. I think that it is our job to use or pass on this knowledge and set of skills to others for their betterment, above and beyond our desire for personal or financial gain”.

Larry works over 50 hours a week as a quality consultant and in addition drives four hours twice each week to reach his clients. Much of his free time is spent providing free computer advice to friends and family. He also provides voluntary moderation support for a Yahoo! Group with over 1,200 members to ensure the quality of posted messages.

I asked him why the Finchley Arrow: “My involvement with the Finchley Arrow newspaper project is an opportunity for me to share my skills and provide any other support that I can. This newspaper provides information and entertainment to others for free – what better way to spend one’s time?”

Larry will be the moderator of the comments sections on the newspaper, mainly to weed out spam and naughty language!

Welcome aboard Larry.

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