Garden notes for Christmas

Columnist - Ron Smithby Ron Smith

Now that all the leaves have fallen and the snow and frost has arrived, it’s an ideal time to take stock and plan your garden for the coming year.

I suggest a visit to your local garden centre to look for bargains. Order the new seed catalogue for ideas, remembering to order bulbs, plants, and seeds for the spring. Towards the end of the winter season you can sow hardy annuals in seed trays, and also take cuttings of perennials.

National Tree Week ends on 5 December 2010, and I am reminded of my old friend and campaigner of trees and the environment, Richard St Barbe Baker. He founded “Men of the Trees”, which is now the International Tree Federation. Richard also wrote “My Life My Trees” and “The Redwoods”.  He would be delighted to hear that the Tree Council and the Woodland Trust are planning to plant one million trees over the next five years.

Don’t forget to help our little feathered friends this winter by cleaning the bird feeders and the bird baths each week. When you wash the car or hang the washing out is a good time, and make sure they have clean water in their bath every day. This will help to stop the spread of Trichomonosis, which affects the throat and the gullet and is caused by a parasite found in pigeons a few years ago. Sadly it kills thousands of birds every year.

I am still hoping to hear from anyone who would like to be a friend of Victoria Park – do contact me at if you want to know more. Remember, local groups have more power when negotiating with the council as they represent more votes.

I would like to wish all the readers of my column the very best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year!

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