EasyFundraising – our statement of account

by Andrew Taylor

I have been looking at our statement and am heartened by the fact that we have now raised £24.58. Not a lot by any means but we have been going for only three months and the amounts coming in are growing. £22.12 has come in from people buying goods through the EasyFundraising link, and £2.20 via the special EasySearch link (this is just for roaming the Internet using the EasySearch search engine).

Those with a mathematical bent will notice a discrepancy of 26p. We have signed up three other charities, and we get 20% of what they make, so they are beginning to do something which accpunts for the missing 26p and, in the long run this will be good for the Finchley Arrow.

On a more negative note, only nine of our readers use this system to make their Internet purchases. All this means is that the large companies get to keep the percentage they might have given us to help our community newspaper.

Think of this, if we can make £24.59 with only nine of our readers, think how we can grow and help the community if a thousand of you bought via EasyFundraising! All excess funds we make goes to the Finchley Community. Look at 8 Funding above for easy instructions on how to help at no cost to yourself.

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