West Finchley “Winter Warmer”

Photo of Andrew Taylorby Andrew Taylor

The West Finchley Residents Association (WFRA) held a Winter Warmer buffet luncheon in Gordon Hall, West Finchley on Sunday 5th December. Everyone bought a dish with them and there was so much food that we were all almost incapable by the end of the session! Wine, including mulled wine, was on offer, and people were asked to consider putting a donation in the box if they took a glass.


The Winter Warmer luncheon

We had a jar full of sweets and there was a competition to see who could guess the amount. It was a little difficult as the sweets were in different sizes. Jennie Abelman won with a 100% accurate guess of 63.

I did a quick count and although people were moving about came up with a figure of around 45 attendees, so it was a highly successful event for the fledgling residents association. Thanks go to Jennie and Kieren Kettleton, who started up the association and their committee. They raised over a hundred pounds, enough to pay for the leaflets, the wine and the hire of the hall, with a little left over.

It is wonderful to see so many local people willing to join in with a social gathering in an age where people tend to keep to themselves. Long may it continue!


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