Christmas Bird Quiz

Don Pepperby Don Pepper

All of the birds in this quiz have been seen either in Finchley or within a five-mile radius of Finchley N3, and all of the pictures were taken by me (although not necessarily in this area). The questions are of varying difficulty: how many can you name? Jot down your guesses and I’ll let you have the answers after the Christmas break.

Bird photo for quiz

Q 1

1) Easy. I saw a small flock of these in Station Road: what are they?

Quiz photo of bird

Q 2

2) Slightly harder. This bird can be found in large numbers on any big pond or lake, and are found in profusion on Brent reservoir.

Quize photo of a bird

Q 3

3) Getting tougher. This bird escaped into the wild in Norfolk and has since spread out as far as Kenwood, where it now breeds. What is it?

Quize photo of a bird

Q 4

4) Really tough. This rare gull was photographed at Westcliffe-On-Sea, but they have been seen at Brent Reservoir, Hampstead Heath and Alexander Palace. What type of gull is it? Sorry, ‘sea gull’ won’t do!

Q 5

5) Back to an easy one. This species is frequently found in any suburban park or garden.

Q 6

6) Fairly easy. Again frequent on larder stretches of water like Brent Reservoir, take note of the beak.

Q 7

7) This one is quite tough and not as common as it used to be, but can still be found in Finchley. What is it?

Q 8

8) Without any clues I think that this would be a toughy for even a fairly experienced bird watcher. See if you can guess what it is.

Q 9

9) I took this photo on the pond by Finchley Golf Course. Not popular with Coy Carp breeders this one is so easy, I want an exact answer to get a point.

Q 10

10) Another gull, this bird was featured in one of my articles about gulls attacking people in Hervey Close, but what type of gull is it?

Q 11

11) This could be quite tough because they are so rare. However this bird did hit the local headlines in March this year when it turned up at City Farm. I also mentioned it, and showed the picture in one of my articles. Can you name it?

Q 12

12) Quite a toughy and very rare, but this bird could turn up anywhere on nearby stretches of open water, e.g. Brent Reservoir.


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