Walking on Ice

Dancing on ice is about to hit our screens, but I want to talk about walking on ice, especially for the older residents of Finchley as I am one of them and like you, my bones are more brittle than they were in my youth.

First of all, wrap up well so if you fall you are less likely to break a bone with all that padding. In addition, wear thick leather gloves if you can as should you fall forward, you can use your hands to break your fall without grazing them.

The walking motion causes one to slip. Rather pick up your foot, place it in front of you keeping it stationary, and then pick up your other foot and place it in front, keeping that stationary before repeating the procedure. You might look slightly odd, but a proper walking motion where the toes push you forward can cause you to slip. This procedure is not foolproof but you might fare much better.

If any reader has other tips which would also be helpful, please add them in a comment below. Staying indoors is not a valid tip 🙂



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  1. David Lewis Says:

    I bought snow and ice cleat crampons, which you fit over your shoes or boots to provide anti-slip traction. You can get them on eBay for £19.98 plus postage/handling: visit http://tinyurl.com/3axggyy. They arrived just after the ice melted so I haven’t had a chance to test them yet, but reports I heard on the radio suggest they will be very effective and allow me to walk safely on ice (but are awkward on concrete and tarmac, and may be slippery on an indoor surface, so you might need to remove them in shops).

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