Our readership is growing

Graph of Finchley Arrow readership

Finchley Arrow readership figures

The first two columns are the most interesting.

It seems like we now have over 8,000 people who have logged on to our website so know who we are.

Although we are only getting an average of 1500 returning visits on a monthly basis throughout the twelve months and that this mightn’t look quite so good, it should be noted that these figures are certainly better than the 500 readers we thought we had previously. Three times as many in fact.

There were further breakdowns and I show some interesting points below.

The time of day we have the most visitors on our website is three o’clock. Both am and pm!!! I’m fast asleep at 3:00am!

The busiest day seems to be Wednesday.

The busiest month with the most unique visitors is March.

But the interesting thing is, the 1st of the month is still the busiest day, even though we now publish on an almost daily basis. This is probably because I still send a link out on the 1st of each month so I shall continue to do so.

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