Finchley Arrow now on Police Mailing list

We are finally recognised as a bona fide newspaper as we have now been added on the Barnet Police crimes mailing list. Nothing so far for Finchley, but we thought we’d include items on adjoining postal districts to N3.

Hendon NW4

Police were called to reports of a fight on Brent street in which a man was attacked by a dog.

At 1:12 am on Thursday January 6, witnesses reported three drunk men arriving at an off licence demanding to be let in despite the place closing at the time.

When they were told they would not be served, one of the men made a gun gesture to his head and threatened the store staff before starting a fight with the victims where they sustained cuts.

The second suspect used a dog to attack the victims causing puncture wounds to one man’s arm and leg.

The suspects eventually left the scene and made off down Victoria Road before police caught up with two of them and arrested them; the third made off and could not be found.

The victim with puncture wounds was taken to a North London hospital by ambulance as a precaution for the dog bites. The other two victims sustained various cuts.

The two suspects in custody are both white Polish men aged 28 and 29 from NW3 and NW11.

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