For absolute Internet beginners

This site, listed below, shows you which browser you are using and has a “short” one minute video that explains what Internet browsers are.  Note that you will need the sound on.

Our computer guru, Paul Fisk states:

I do like Google Chrome.

1. As its faster.
2. Updates itself automatically with no pop up messages.
3. Dose not use any Adobe files for PDF files so it’s much safer to use.

Our editor states

My favourite is Firefox. I do like Google Chrome though, but Firefox has more addons to ensure my browser works the way I want it to. However, Google Chrome’s add-ons are increasing at a rapid rate and I may well switch to it in the very near future.

The problem with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is it is proprietary which means that when there is a security problem it takes the company much longer to fix the problem. Firefox is OpenSource and without going into lengthy reasons, this means that problems get fixed within hours.

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