A little light humour

Humour me please. Everyone who is reading this to take the last two digits of your birth year (mine is 39) and the age you will be on this year’s birthday (mine is 72) and add these two figures together and they will come to 111. In my case, 39 and 72 equals 111. If yours doesn’t, it is time to buy a new calculator and if you do, please help the Arrow by using Easy Fundraising.

Talking about EasyFundraising, our latest convert told me she doesn’t really buy anything on the Internet. Then she mentioned she bought her travel tickets. Her whole family fly to the US a few times a year (business), and she drives many times a year to Europe by Ferry (also business). She checked EasyFundraising and all the companies she uses are in the scheme, including the car parks at the airports where she leaves her car. Result is we’ll gain over £25 a year from one family.

Are you helping the Arrow grow? We need the funding as we hope to start a one-stop community website in June so people can find out about every shop, club, society, charity, self help (a paragraph for each with a link to their website or telephone number, and lots, lots more). This can only come to pass if you help. We have 1,500 readers each month but only eleven (including our own team) are using this easy method to help us raise funds. It is a little disheartening to say the least. Please look at 8 Funding above for more information.

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