The quality of your life.

Readers of the previous PDFs of the newspaper will remember I used to have one-liner sayings such as “If you say you can, you will, and if you say you can’t, you won’t” on the back page. I like short pithy sayings as they tend to stick in one’s mind more.

One such snippity-bit is The Quality of your life depends on the quality of the questions you ask of yourself and of others.

I used to be a salesman, I like to think I was a good salesman as I ended up a sales and marketing manager with twenty-seven staff. One thing I used to drum into my staff is, don’t give any proposed solutions until you have ascertained all the facts. Ask questions, keep on asking questions until you have all the facts. If your prospect has no need for the item, tell him, walk away. Never ever think of the amount of commission you might earn from a particular sale! You will be rewarded as some of them will tell their friends about you. Once you have all the facts and have exhaused your questions, you will be ready to put a plan before your prospect.

Asking questions are important in other areas of life. And ask questions of yourself such as “Why am I doing this?”, “What will I achieve by doing this?”, “Is there a better way of doing this?”, “What is my objective for writing this email?” and “What does my spouse reall mean by this remark?” If you get this last part right, it will improve your marriage!

Asking questions will only do one thing for you. They will give you the answers with which to be more effective.


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