Start to prepare your garden for the Spring

Columnist - Ron Smithby Ron Smith
At last the snow and ice have gone for the present. This gives us a chance to inspect the garden and plan to do some of the jobs we left during the Christmas holidays.
First of all, we have to collect all the dead leaves which harbour Downey Mildew and Black Spot.
Then pathways which have become slippery with moss and algae should be treated with a Winter Tar oil wash.
Use Zone maps (gardening growing zones for the London area) to help you to decide when it is fairly safe to plant out tender plants.  Do look out for slug and snails hiding under debris and destroy them with salt. It goes without saying that all weeds should be removed or destroyed.
Do keep off the lawn and the soil when it is wet and , most importantly, wait for Spring before applying any feed as we can still get more Snow and Ice before then, heavens forbid!

Anglian Home Improvements are Sponsoring “Britain in Bloom” this year and finally don’t forget to keep a constant watch in your local garden centres to see if there are any bargains left .

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