Ignore at your peril

I stumbled on an interesting post on an American Website, the opening was:

Taking control of your health can have profound, far-reaching effects on your life. With newfound energy and well-being it can change your outlook entirely. This was Matt’s experience. I received this email from Matt a few months ago and it floored me. Peruse and enjoy his opus, and feel free to chime in on the comment board with #98, 99, and 100. Did going Primal spark a sea change in your life? What other aspects of life, maybe totally unrelated to diet and exercise, fell into place once you starting living according the Primal Blueprint lifestyle principles?

Although written in typical American folksy style, there are very many huge tips to help everyone enjoy life more. I have printed the page out and will go through it ticking off each item as I assimilate the knowledge behind it. Well worth a look if you have time. http://alturl.com/yvo3r

If you are too busy, then you might wonder if you are too busy because you don’t follow these points. It’s funny how things come together. I have recently been growing tired of the way my life is panning out and I have already started to incorporate many of these items into my daily life. Ignore what Matt has to say at your peril.

Andrew Ampers Taylor

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