New Metropolitan Crime Map

The new Crime mapping comes live today. Type in West Finchley and you get the overal crimes in the area. 92 in November and 88 in December – much more than Finchley Church End which is 60 in November and 62 in December.

If you type in Finchley Church End you, unfortunately, get Hendon Church End. I have let them know about this so I guess it will eventually be fixed.

If you live in Finchley Church End, then you need to just type in Finchley.  Then press the button,  top left, once to get the overall figures . However, if you know the postcode of the area you want to examine, you can just type that in.

If you want to see a complete breakdown of the crimes, click on the “Text button along the top of your screen towards the right and a screen will open giving you a lot of useful information.

The website to go to is

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