A twitter FLASH from a Twitcher

Don PepperBy Don Pepper
As I was walking past Long lanes pastures today (Sunday 13th Feb) I saw six waxwings. they were flitting between the pastures and the trees next to the North Circular.
There has been an influx of waxwings this year with several hundred birds visiting throughout the south east. They are still very uncommon however and warrant a space on Bird-line (a phone number for rarities used by twitchers),
I had seen a volunteer working on the site and literally ran to inform him of the find. We had a chat but unfortunately when I returned to the spot, I couldn’t see them. Despite this, it is still worth looking there over the next few days as they could return. Another place to look for them is College Farm, East end Road where a single bird was seen last March. As waxwings can return to the same spot, one could be seen this year.
Dons waxwing photo
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