Have your say about the Finchley Arrow

We have polled our “Keep in the Loop” list on a few questions on the Finchly Arrow and found the results so interesting that we have decided to extend the poll to all readers of the newspaper.

Please go to the poll, it doesn’t ask you for your name or contact details, or indeed any personal information so your identity will not be revealed. We hope you will fill it in without holding back so we will see where we are going wrong and where we are going right. One of the questions is whether you feel we should become political.

Most of the “Keep in the loop” members have said No, probably because they fear my politics may not be the same as theirs! I don’t mind stating that my views are not Statist, (believes the government should rule economics and people’s lives) nor are they Centrist. (believes Government should rule economics but not people’s lives) but I am a pure Libertarian, (believe the Government should not rule economics or people’s lives). This definitely makes me anti-Labour, Anti-Conservative and anti-Liberal Democrat. There is no real party for me so I tend to vote for any party for taking us out of the European Union as this is just another layer of Government as far as I am concerned.

Please go to the poll website and fill in the short six question poll so we can get an idea of what you want from us. I will publish the joint findings of the “Keep in the loop” and this poll which closes in twenty days when the poll will be deleted.

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