Graffity Gerbal – a book review

Photo of the journalist; Pam TaylorBy Pam Taylor

I was recently sent a copy of this book by Stockwell Book Publishers who thought we might be interested in doing a review as Angela lives in Barnet. This is the first time we have done a review and hope that it will be of interest to some Finchley parents.

It is a very engaging little book all about a gerbil who has a tummy ache after eating a whole grape (rather larger than a gerbil’s normal diet of seeds and nuts). This all leads to Graffiti going to hospital and what happens to him there. The moral for children reading this delightful book is that it is not as frightening visiting a hospital as children may imagine.

Angela Carter was born in London and, as a child, was both shy and friendly. As an adult she is gentle and learning life’s wonders all the time. She was inspired to write this book after working as a volunteer in a well known children’s hospital and seeing many children arriving in a frightened and confused state, and mostly leaving with a smile on their faces. This inspired her to write a book aimed at putting young children’s fears at bay when told they were having to go to the hospital.

This book is due to be published on 2nd March and will be priced at £2.50.

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