Avenue House to close down?

You heard it here first!

We are in the possession of a document from Avenue house which quite clearly states:

“We have been told by Barnet Council that the Mansion could then be boarded up, with minimal ground maintenance, or the whole Estate even disposed of as a private school.”

Apologies for the superfluous capitals but we wanted to publish it eactly as it is in the document.

The link above refers to our News Flash on the 8th February.


2 Responses to “Avenue House to close down?”

  1. Mrs Angry Says:

    I’m afraid that although the estate is clearly in crisis, the story about the school is scaremongering and based on a throw away comment by a certain councillor. It is true that the council could in theory be given back responsibilty and frankly it could be argued that it should have retained control in the first place. As things stand we must try now to do all we can to help the estate and keep it open, as intended, for the enjoyment of the people of Finchley.

  2. Ampers Says:

    Good heavens! Are you accusing Avenue House of scaremongering? We have only reported from their own document. I have just reread the short article and can confirm we haven’t made any comment. I believe that Avenue House has sent out a request for funds but for some strange reason, left us out of the distribution list. If they don’t like us, I can understand this, but I started out in Newspapers in 1955 and a story is a story is a story. Adults, such as Cameron and Milliband wouldn’t get very far if they took newspaper comments personally! They still talk to journalists every day! If Avenue House emails me the data on their appeal, I would, naturally, publish it in full but they must do this personally. If you don’t see the appeal in our paper it is only because they have decided they don’t want us to publish it.

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