Mugging resulting in a broken hip and shoulder in N12

Police are appealing for witnesses after a robbery on Granville Road N12 on Monday February 14, 2011 at 18:40.

The victim, a 60 year old woman was walking along the road towards Ballards lane at 18:40 when a man approached her from across the road and shouted: “Give me the bag you bitch” and then grabbed the bag and pulled it towards himself.

He repeated his demand and pulled again hard causing the victim to fall to the flow breaking her left hip and left shoulder in the process.

The suspect has then managed to get possession of the bag and has made off towards the High Road.
The victim managed to get to a nearby establishment and called for police.

After being treated in hospital the victim told officers that the incident happened within seconds and she never saw he suspects face but knows him to be a black male with curly hair.

TDC Alan Horsfall said: “We urgently need the help of the public in identifying this character as he showed no regard for the victim causing her great pain and injury.

“A robbery is never acceptable, but when it is done with such violence that someone is seriously hurt, then it becomes imperative that the criminal is arrested, charged and prosecuted.

“Anyone who saw the incident or may have noticed someone acting suspiciously in the vicinity at around 6 to 7pm on Monday 14th is asked to come forward.”

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