Barnet Police Chief visiting Finchley’s Pardes Grammar School


Photo of Police Chief at Pardes Grammar School, Hendon Lane

Police Chief at Pardes Grammar School (photo by Shuli Smus)

(In playground) L-R  Mr A Wagner, Headmaster Rabbi D Dunner,  Chief Superintendant Neil Basu, Deputy Headmaster Rabbi Eli Segal, Mr. Gary Ost

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Northern line woes this weekend

The Northern line will be suspended between Charing Cross and Camden Town, all this coming weekend due to track replacement work.

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Civic Awards ceremony recognises residents’ dedication to others

Barnet residents who have made a significant contribution to borough life have been honoured at the council’s annual Civic Awards Ceremony.

A total of 57 nominees were recognised at a special ceremony at Hendon Town Hall, in The Burroughs, on Wednesday 23 March. All of those nominated were presented with certificates by the Worshipful the Mayor of Barnet, Councillor Anthony Finn.

Eight of the nominees (including Catherine Loveday – N12) were judged to have made an outstanding contribution and were presented with a framed vellum in recognition of their achievements.

The Mayor said: “Once again, the borough’s Civic Awards give us a glimpse of some of the tremendous contributions our residents continue to make to borough life. It also allows us an opportunity to give a little something back and recognise the hard work of those who give up their time selflessly for the good of others and for worthwhile causes. It is heartening to know that we can count on so many wonderful people.”

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Gang, who “Went fishing for other peoples’ money” jailed and ordered to be deported.

It pays to be alert when you collect money from a cash machine (ATM) – always watch for people lurking nearby, check for any signs of tampering of the machine paying particular attention to the slot where your card goes in, and the slot where the money comes out. And cound the money on the spot and if there is some notes short, phone the police if the bank is closed.

This report is just in from the Barnet Police.

Three men have been sentenced for their part in a cash-point fraud at a bank on Ossulton way, London NW11 on the 27th of January 2011. The gang targeted unsuspecting members of the public who were trying to use the cash point. The gang used metal strips with double sided glue to catch bank notes as they were dispensed from the ATM.

All three were sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court on the 24th March 2011.

1) Mr George Iulian EFTIME from Romania, aged 22 of no fixed address – charged with s6 Fraud Act 2006 – Possession/Control of Articles used in Fraud. Judge sentenced him to 15 months imprisonment, the £400 he had on him at the time of arrest was seized and he is subject to a Deportation Order back to Romania after he serves his sentence.

2) Mr Ionut DIACONU from Romania, aged 31 of no fixed address – charged with s6 Fraud Act 2006 – Possession/Control of Articles used in Fraud. Judge sentenced him to 15 months imprisonment, the £510 he had on him at the time of arrest was seized and he is subject to a Deportation Order back to Romania after he serves his sentence.

3) Mr Cornell MIHAI – Also Known As – Mr Mircea MOISA, from Romania, aged 24 of 9A Hampden Square, London, N14 5JP – – charged with s6 Fraud Act 2006 – Possession/Control of Articles used in Fraud. Judge sentenced him to 15 months imprisonment; he is subject to a Deportation Order back to Romania after he serves his sentence.

The offence was detected when a member of the public noticed the three men acting suspiciously near a cash point. The member of the public kept watch and noted the description of the men and the details of the Mercedes car they were driving and then called police.

Police officers arrived just at the men three men drove away from the scene. The car was stopped and the men searched. Mihai had two cash cards in the name of a woman, Dicanou had £510 in cash and Eftime had £400 in cash. Eftime had a tube of glue with him that he later claimed he had with him to repair his shoes. In the Mercedes car the searching officers found two metal strips that had double sided tape attached to them. These were shaped to fit over the top of the ATM machines. All three were arrested and charged with possession of articles for use in fraud.

TDC Yogini Patel the officer in the case said,By using a metal strip with double sided glue the gang effectively went fishing for other peoples’ money.

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More information on the CPZ action Group

Barnet Council are to increase Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) charges from 18th April this year. A residents’ car permit would increase from £40 per year to £100 (for the first car). Visitors’ vouchers would increase from £1 each to £4 each. The impact of the proposed visitor voucher charges will be particularly harsh on CPZ residents in East Finchley with all day restrictions. For example, a daily child-minder or carer alone will amount to over £1000 in visitors voucher charges per annum.

The aim of the new charges is to increase revenue from CPZ residents to help pay for road maintenance across the borough of Barnet. As most people in Barnet do not live in CPZs, this means East Finchley CPZ residents are being targeted to fund road repairs across the borough.

Despite strong local opposition to the charges at the Barnet Council Cabinet Meeting on 14th February, the charges were approved by the committee. Subsequently the story received media attention, including BBC London Regional news and various newspapers and radio shows. As a result, residents havey formed a new committee, the Barnet CPZ Action Group.

The first public meeting was held on 9th March and got off to a flying start with approximately 60 residents attending. Over £2000 was raised to start the legal proceedings and everyone offered either their expertise and support take the legal action forward. David Attfield, a solicitorm is acting as Chairman and said; “we have tried all other avenues and have been left with no alternative other than to legally challenge the new charges in the High Court. We have sought independent advice from a barrister and believe we have a good case to apply for Judicial Review”.

Treasurer Nigel Linton also explained; “the increases in charges are driven by the need to raise revenue and not by the need to regulate parking. This is not what CPZs have been established for and we have the evidence and the law to prove this”.

Local resident Philippa Worke adds; “if these new charges are approved it will set a very bad precedent for CPZ residents all over the country. We have a race against time now”.

The Barnet CPZ Action Group are fundraising with some urgency given that the court rules mean that, by the time you read this, the claim will have had to be issued. In total £15,000 needs to be raised if there is to be a good chance of successfully taking this case through to trial. The action group are calling on all residents who are affected, and those who see that this should be fought on principle, to give generously or to act as fundraiser along their road.

If the case is a success the action group expect to return the bulk of money donated. Cheques made payable to ‘Barnet CPZ Action’ can be sent to 88 Summerlee Avenue, East Finchley, London N2 9QH.

The group also has a website and they can be contacted via email

Helping the Honey Bees!

Columnist - Ron Smith

By Ron Smith

Spring has arrived with a host of Golden Daffodils along with all the other spring flowers and shrubs. It is a welcome sight after the SAD Winter.

I am seeing a few Bumble bees doing what they do best in the sunshine, however I am reminded of the terrible plight of the Honey bees which are under attack from various nasty pests and diseases which are appearing to resist the usual treatments.

Photo of bees in a hive

From Wikipedia

The numbers of honey bees have dropped considerably in the last Decade due to the varroa mite which weakens the bee and spreads the disease, also the cold , wet summers which we have had has not helped them to pollinate the 40% of our fruit and vegetables .

Watch out and report the very nasty Asian Hornet,

Photo of Asian Giant Hornet

From Wikipedia

If you see these in your garden you can also contact the Barnet Beekeeping club at the Town Hall, The Burroughs, Hendon. For advice.

I am going to suggest some of the plants that Bees are attracted to, we need to make our gardens more bee friendly by adding them now. Apart from thyme, rosemary, lavender, and forget me-nots , there are many more plants and shrubs which were found in the old cottage gardens.

Any Hardy Annuals, Heathers, Honeysuckle, Geranium , Salvia, Wallflower, Stocks, and Night scented stocks, Sweet peas, Aqueliga, Delphiniums, Foxgloves, Sunflowers Sedums, Michaelmas dasies, Nepeta (catmint) will be good.

Try and plant a clump of oilseed rape, bees love the bright yellow flowers, and plant some Nettles for the Butterflies in a pot, and plant it in the ground  so as to stop it spreading! Thistles and Fennel seed heads attract the birds too.

With the increase in new build, front gardens are being lost to paving bricks, slate and gravel. The rear lawn is being covered in decking, and we are losing all the daises, buttercups, clover that grow there, so we need to make an effort to introduce more wild garden plants this year.

Are there any Beekeepers in Finchley? It would be good to know you!

[Editors note: There is a working beehive in the Long Lane pastures – at the top end near the railway line.]

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Before the cuts start biting

Some of the things you can do around the house what may make life a little better.

Security. When times are hard, burglaries tend to increase and one thing one learns in the forces can be applied, fairly easily at home. This is that misinformation confuses the enemy.

A burglar needs to know the home is empty before he breaks in. Your job is to make that difficult and this can be done by using net curtains so he can’t look in. Sometimes he will look through the letterbox. Use a guard that allows post to fall, but stops prying eyes from seeing inside.

If you go out, buy a time switch for your lights and have them turn on and off between rooms to look as if someone is moving between the rooms.Have a decent speaker near the door on the floor and when the bell is pushed, have a sound like a soft growl from a big dog eminate. Barking is not the answer as most attack dogs don’t bark.

If you have a glass door, fix a letterbox with coves on all sides so post can’t be seen. Ask neighbours to keep an eye out and to push any papers or post all the way through for you if you are away or at work.

If you have a small conservatory in front of the front door. An expensive lock on your front door and a cheap lock on your conservatory means the burglar can get access easily, then close the conservatory door, and have all the time in the world to attack your expensive front door lock, away from the eyes of passers by. Make sure the conservatory door has a good lock on it.

There’s a lot more you can do, but this is a good start.

Water. A lot of people buy water from the shops and this is very expensive. Some people buy a Brita jug but this can also prove expensive. You can buy an undersink water filter with a tap for the drinking water for the sink, for around £45. Needs fitting but a plumber can fit it for you in minutes.

Garden. Perinnials can save money as they bloom each year, annuals are more colourful but have to be replaced each year. Keep these to a minimum. Think of growing your own vegitables. The money saved there can go into the garden kitty.

These are some ideas and if you can add to them, add your idea in the comments so you can share good ideas with others in Finchley.


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