Barnet Council comes clean

All expenditure over £500

The following copy is on the Barnet Website at:

Spending over £500 is published as part of a drive to improve openness and transparency.

During the financial quarter July to September 2010 £ 95 million was paid to vendors on a huge variety of items including care homes, agency staff and utility bills.

For reasons of privacy payments to individuals including foster carers, children’s and adult carers are not included in the list. Payments made via CHAPS e.g. repayment of loans, funding to schools, housing benefit payments and payments taken directly from our bank account (excluding agency costs) are not included either.

The spreadsheet listed below is shown in a fairly raw format. Although it may seem easy to produce, this document was pulled together using information from over 1,000 different cost centres, 11 service areas and 1,000 capital projects and a number of different systems. We will aim to present this information in a more useful way as we go forward.

If you have suggestions as to how the council can best present this information please email us at: The council will continue to publish data quarterly in arrears.

The paragraph in italics has been emphasised by the Finchley Arrow.

I suggest readers might like to respond to Barnet’s email address (above) asking them to include this omitted information with the legend “Details withheld under our standard procedure” so we can at least see what the payments are?.

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