Metropolitan Police: A “good News” story

This doesn’t concern Finchley but it has been added as it is so nice to find a child recovered and reunited with his family, alive and well, in these modern times.

A large scale search involving Metropolitan Police and British Transport Police officers was started yesterday March 1, 2011 at 16:26 when an 11 year old autistic child was reported as missing.

The boy, described as a black eleven year old wearing school uniform, was reported as missing by his mother from  his home address in NW9.

Nine Barnet response cars were assigned (about 14 to 15 officers) as well as British Transport Police, Transport for London staff and all local facilities such as the RAF museum, shopping centres, libraries and the child’s school were informed and given an image of the boy.

There was reason to believe he may head for an underground station, so all of these were informed in the area.

– By 16:51 the home address and surrounding areas had been thoroughly searched without success, and CCTV operators from London Borough of Barnet were also searching the area.

– At 16:55 a possible sighting of the boy was reported on Quakers course but this remained unconfirmed, and a further sighting on Aerodrome road also led to nothing despite Peel centre staff also keeping an eye out.

– At 17:45 reports of a young black autistic boy having been found by an off duty British Transport Officer were received from Morden Station .

The child’s identity was confirmed at 18:09 and he was reported as safe and well to his mother and returned home by 20:48.

British Transport Police Constable Anna Chapman who found him: “I spotted him walking on the carriage at Kennington looking distraught and upset, so approached him and asked if everything was ok.

I sat with him on the tube but he didn’t get off to meet anyone so I got off with him at Morden and took him to the Station office.

I am just glad that we found him safe and well, and I am sure his mother is extremely relieved.”


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