We can’t see the wood for the trees

Columnist - Ron SmithBy Ron Smith

As I walked up Lovers Walk the other morning the birds were singing and the sun was shining, the buds were bursting on the trees, I got the feeling that Springtime was in the air!

The other sign was the beautiful displays of Crocus at the entrance to Golders Hill Park, and the greater display in Golders Green Crematorium in Hoop Lane, always worth a visit. The best show for me is at Kew Gardens now!

I am reminded that this is the “Year of the Tree” My old friend (The late Richard St Barbe Baker ) would be pleased to see the huge response which is given today by many organisations throughout the world, including his “Men of the Trees” which, because of it’s sexist nature, has been changed to “The International Tree Federation” to satisfy our politically correct folk!

They are celebrating the “United Nations International Year of Forests, and he would be very impressed with the latest tree seed finds at Kew’s Millenium Seed Bank.

The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity whose aim is to prevent further loss of ancient woodland, restore woodland biodiversity, and create new native woods and increase our enjoyment of them. They have planted more than eight million trees through the UK.

You can see more information by visiting www.woodlandtrustshop.com and www.woodlandtrust.org.uk

We are all very concerned over the news regarding Avenue House. I wish that English Heritage would add it to their list of properties, and run it like Kenwood House. I await the outcome with great interest

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