Two women attacked at Finchley’s Tally Ho public house

At Wood Green County Court on 3rd March 2011 Danny Taylor DOB 11/05/1979 of Oakmede, Bells Hill, Barnet was sentenced to 15 months in prison for an assault on two women that left both of them injured. Both assaults occurred on the 5th January 2011 at the Tally Ho Public House, Finchley N12.

Taylor had been drinking with three people when he became annoyed at one of the females in the group who was having trouble understanding what Taylor was saying. After accusing the 26 year old women of “Mugging him off” he then told her he was going to, “Glass her”.

Taylor then threw a beer glass at the women that missed, but shattered on the wall behind her. The women had raised a hand to protect her face and a shard of glass from the broken glass cut her hand, she also had glass fragments in her hair – Taylor then picked up a bar stool which he threw.

An 18 year female member of staff who had nothing to do with the group was sitting at the bar. She heard the glass smash and when she turned she saw the bar stool Taylor had thrown heading towards her head. She raised her hands to protect her face and the stool stuck her arms; the impact of the bar stool broke a bone in her hand.

Taylor was quickly arrested at the scene by Barnet officers; he gave no explanation for his actions. An examination confirmed that Taylor was intoxicated.

At court Taylor pleaded guilty to an offence of GBH, ABH and Criminal Damage.

James Ashton Officer in the case said,

“This man is a thug who violently assaulted two women. The weapons Taylor used could have caused serious injury. It was lucky that both victims took action to protect their faces otherwise they could have been permanently disfigured.

“Mindless violence fuelled by alcohol will not be tolerated and the police service will always seek to prosecute those who commit such vile acts. The court has sent a clear message, those convicted can expect a prison sentence and in this case I have no hesitation in saying that it was thoroughly deserved.”

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