Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

Regarding the predicament of Avenue House, I can clearly hear the sound of chickens coming home to roost.

In its latest newsletter, the Finchley Society reminisces on Shakespeare’s plays beautifully performed in the Bothy Garden, which is set in Avenue House gardens. Memories fade quickly. It was only 3 or 4 years ago that Finchley Arts Centre Trust, (FACT), which put on the plays, and, against all the odds, was attempting to renovate the Bothy building (with the help of a generous philanthropist), was evicted at a few hours notice by none other than Avenue House Estate Trust (AHET). And what did the Finchley Society do? Precisely nothing.

Subsequent inspection of the Bothy building commissioned by AHET labelled workmanship as ‘poor standard’ when it was unfinished due to the speedy eviction. With the destruction of FACT, and the ill will this generated, AHET sewed the seeds of its own demise. Too many local people have been affected.

Perhaps it would not be such a bad thing to let Avenue House revert back to the local council, who managed it until 2002, with house and gardens open to the public. They may not be as worryingly secretive as the current administration.

Yours truly,

name and address supplied

If you would like to have your say, we will be happy to print more in the same vein, or some which praises AHET. The editor is completely neutral and would like to see more letters to the editor anyway!


2 Responses to “Letters to the editor”

  1. Pat Dunnill Says:

    Dear Editor – why do I get FOUR pages of stuff about the Arrow whenever I print anything off – it’s a terrible waste of paper!!!!!

  2. Ampers Says:

    This is something beyond our control as we use WordPress.com. One of our editorial board is learning Drupal which will bring everything in-house. We are also going to purchase a proper newspaper program running under Drupal when funds permit.

    I am waiting for my next annual pension payment in May to buy this for the newspaper, and this should be tweaked and up ad running by July.

    Once this is all in place we will have one of the best web based newspapers around. But you know, pensions are not as high as working salaries – at least not unless you were a government worker which I wasn’t alas!

    You must bear with us because of this.


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