Dive in – the waters warm

Stop standing on the sidelines, become involved with our community. If you feel you are not able to help old, blind or infirm people (my wife is able to do this but alas I can’t do it) but you still want to contribute to your community, why not consider working for your community newspaper? If you have writing or administrative skills it could be “your way” of helping make Finchley strong as a community.

There are several ways you can get involved and help The Finchley Arrow, first we’ll mention ways you can help, even without becoming involved. There are:

Tell a friend If you like our newspaper, don‘t keep it to yourself, pass it on.

Link to us Displaying a link to The Finchley Arrow on your website or blog is one of the easiest ways you can help us. The more traffic we can generate, the more influential we will become.

Submit a comment Many of the articles on our blog allow you to comment. We want to create a vibrant forum for local debate. To ensure a lively exchange of views, please keep your comments short, to the point, and avoid gratuitous insults! And, don’t forget our Forum, this is an excellent place for discussing ideas about Finchley.

Send us a donation We can always use a little money to help towards leaflets (we need to constantly leaflet drop to keep people reading our newspaper). And, of course, there are other costs involved such as printing, telephones and all the other items involved in running a non-profit organisation.

If you don’t want to part with your hard-earned money, we can understand, but there is another way you can help our funds without it costing you a single penny! Full details on how to do this are found in our newspaper.

Submit an article We welcome articles on a broad range of issues about Finchley. Opinion pieces are no more than 500 words, feature articles no more than 1000. Articles are strictly on merit and are usually edited. Please remember we are non-partisan political and we avoid religious matters. Come to one of our editorial meetings, active participation is the true sign of a healthy local newspaper.

Finally, if you want to become physically involved, and we are always looking for volunteers, you can join us and  choose a voluntary position on The Finchley Arrow that best reflects your talents. Most jobs only take a handful of hours each month, at first, and shrink as you get used to whatever it is you choose to do. Our voluntary positions are only a guide to give you an idea as when you join us, we will fit what you do around your own skills, and wishes as to what you really would like to do. We are extremely flexible and once we work this out, we will write a job description so we both know what we expect of each other.

We are particularly looking for skills such as the ability to write, the ability to research using the Internet and following up using the telephone, free time to attend council meetings or magistrate courts, attend events to write them up for the newspaper, sales ability to approach business leaders for contributions, the talents we can use are endless and we’ll create a job around yours.

You can telephone Andrew on 0794-162 2401 at any time, don’t worry if it is too late or too early, if he is asleep or in a meeting, he turns off the phone and you can leave a message and he’ll ring you back immediately he is free (or awake)!

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