Avenue House – The Stephens collection

The book launch

The book launch

Left to right are Peter and Pat Marsh, Maureen Pierpoint and Stewart Wild, further details can be found under the next photograph.

It is fairly common knowledge that there is a small museum of the Stephens collection (Henry Stephens of Stephen Inks fame) in Avenue House. Recently the Finchley Society not only put together an excellent 24 minute video on Stephens Ink, with local people as actors – and jolly good they were- but published the history of Henry Stephens and two other students, John Keats and George Wilson Mackereth who all studied medicine together, printed by our local East Finchley printer, JG Bryson.The book was called “The unparallel lives of three medical students” and retails now at £6.00.

Two nights ago, on Wednesday 9th, a book launch was held at Waterstones in The Spires, Barnet but unfortunately the author, William Pierpoint, was recovering from a post op infection. However the launch went ahead and the wine flowed freely.

Photo of book launchers

From left to right in the above photograph are Stewart Wild, the Finchley Arrow’s historian, The author’s wife, Maureen Pierpoint, Nicola, their granddaughter, Peter Marsh, the chairman of the trustees, Pat Marsh, another Stephen’s trustee and Eileen Kenning JP, a committee member.

Missing from the photograph, but very much present, was Alicia, the Pierpoint’s daughter-in-law, myself as I was the photographer and of course the bookstore manager and staff and purchasers!

If there is anyone reading this who has the knowledge to change the DVD files to something that YouTube can accept, please will they let the editor know?

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