Batteries in mobiles and laptops to last 100 times longer

Some really good news for those of us with mobile phones who always manage to forget to charge them, and I am one of them – which is why I bought a second battery and always have it in my bag. problem is, even that runs out eventually and I always forget to top it up! This is not only good news for Finchley but for every community throughout the UK –  Now read on:

A team of electrical engineers at Illinois University in the US believe their method will enable mobiles and laptops to run for up to 100 times longer between charges.

It focuses on changing the way a device’s digital memory works, as this consumes much of the charge.

At the moment mobile phone memories contain thin metal wires. Every time information is accessed, electricity is passed through them to retrieve the data.

The electrical engineers thought that if the size of the components used to store and retrieve the information could be reduced, so could the amount of electricity.

They have discovered a way of using carbon nanotubes – tiny tubes 10,000 times thinner than a human hair – instead.

The full article is in the Daily Telegraph

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