Travel easier in Greater London

The Mayor, working with all the transport operators has signalled the end of the Oyster extension permit.

The following points were also maide at the recent meeting:

The Mayor and the train companies also agreed a range of other improvements, to benefit all rail users, at the summit including:

  • A new, clear and combined Rail and TfL Oyster map for London that will soon be appearing at rail and tube stations. Designed by TfL and the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) following passenger research, the map replaces the train companies’ London Connections and TfL’s Oyster maps, making it easier for Londoners and visitors alike to navigate the city,
  • TfL and train companies will work jointly to finalise plans to extend Oyster pay as you go outside London,
  • Train companies and TfL will work jointly to evaluate the extension of payment using contactless bank cards to National Rail services for its introduction in 2012,
  • Even more frequent trains will run on London Overground from May.
  • Train companies and TfL will further explore how to improve passenger information, particularly during times of disruption,
  • Train companies and TfL will work together to finalise travel arrangements for the London 2012 Games,
  • The Mayor and train companies will work together to seek sustained and continued investment to improve transport in the capital, and meet the expected rise in demand in coming years.

Although I intend to be out of the country during the 2012 Olympics – as far away as possible from the chaos I envisage in London, I have to admit, bringing the Olympics to London is getting a lot of the infrastructure sorted out. Come to think of it, I had better sort my holiday out as travel out of the country shortly before the start will be very busy.


2 Responses to “Travel easier in Greater London”

  1. James Bunting Says:

    Mr Editor
    I fear that you have fallen into the trap of taking TfL’s press release at face value. “It must be better because we have been told it is”. Here is a link to the new map:

    In the case of Finchley there are large gaps either side of the Northern Line, reversing the work of Mr Beck and his successors by giving the impression that the railway in Finchley is only the Northern Line. The current London Connections map gives much more information about where trains go, whilst the new one merely tells you the lines over which a TOC franchise has services.

    • Ampers Says:

      I have read this a few times and am still trying to work out your point. Gave up in the end but published your comment anyway. We just publish anything from TFL that affects Finchley people. The same with crime and magistrates courts. We don’t have the man power. However, if you would like to come to one of our editorial meetings and offer to write about any tfl PR sheet we may want to publish and work a story into it, we would be very pleased.

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