Police Property Road Show

After Barnet Police’s first Property Road show displayed fantastic success, reuniting several victims of crime with their possessions, a further event has been organised to try and repeat the success.

At the last event, held in Golders Green in December, a woman recognised a jewellery box at the road show as being one stolen from her house earlier last year. Officers confirmed her details and a further 22 items were restored to the victim from the same burglary which had not been exhibited at the show. This included the medal she had been awarded when she graduated from University 60 years ago that she had spoken to us about.  A person has already been convicted of burglary in connection with this matter. The items now restored to her, had been found by a member of the public discarded in a park within a mile of her house – presumably on the exit route taken by the burglar.

The next (all day) event is happening on 23 April 2011 at the Library on South Friern Barnet Road and Colney Hatch Lane.

The aim of the event is to give victims of crime the opportunity to look at recovered goods believed to have been stolen, but which had not been linked with a specific crime and see if they recognise them.

Acquisitive Crime Manager DCI Iain Raphael said: “This is a real opportunity to try and re-unite the victims of crime with their prized possessions. It is sadly a frequent occurrence that we retrieve property which we know has been stolen, but cannot find the rightful owners. In many cases it is also clear that the property is valuable not just in the monetary sense, but also emotionally, so it is a real shame to see it sitting in our property store or going to auction down the line”

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