24 year old Finchley woman jailed for multiple burglaries

On the 15th March 2001 a pair who set out on a, “crime spree” across Barnet were jailed at Wood Green CC

Lucy Claire Turner (born 20 June 1986) of Thyra Grove, North Finchley N12 had earlier pleaded guilty to offences and was sentenced to 2 years and 24 weeks in prison and was disqualified from driving for one year.

John Jospeh Ryan (born 10 February 1972) of Paulet Way London NW10 was found guilty following a trial and sentenced to five years and 6 months in prison. Ryan was also disqualified from driving for 4 years

A witness told police that at 7am on the 25th of June 2010 he was working at the Tally Ho public house, North Finchley when he heard a banging noise coming form part of the pub. He looked out of the pub window and saw a woman in a Silver 4×4 car who waived back at him. This person later transpired to be Turner.

The witness went to the back of the pub where he found Ryan inside the pub smashing his way into a fruit machine with a sledgehammer. Ryan threatened the member of staff with the sledgehammer and then continued to break his way into yet another fruit machine. Ryan then left the pub and got into the silver 4×4 and drove from the scene, the witness managed to note the index of the vehicle which he handed to police.

At 8.30 am that day officers discovered the 4X4 abandoned in a car park. However they had seen an Audi vehicle drive from the car park moments before. The officers decided to look for the Audi and discovered the vehicle being driven by Ryan, with Turner as a passenger. The officers signalled for the car to stop but it drove off at speed crashing into two cars in front of school gates. Police managed to stop the car in Broadhurst ave (HA8) but Ryan rammed a police car in his efforts to escape. He and Turner were subsequently arrested in Broadhurst Ave

Turner was charged with 15 offences; however after the court decided she could be released on bail. On the 27th of June she was subsequently arrested for involvement in yet another burglary in Edgware and she was remanded in custody.

Ryan was charged with 17 offences, these included aggravated burglary at the Tally Ho public house and seven counts of burglary of different pubs across Barnet. All the offences occurred overnight from the 24th to the 25th of June, Ryan was remanded in custody.

DC Martin Brown Said, “This was a reckless and brazen crime spree. One of the offences was committed at 7am – people were at work and in order to carry out his crime Ryan threatened a member of staff with a sledgehammer. I must pay tribute to those members of the public whose testimony helped bring this pair to justice.

“In their bid to escape from police Ryan and Turner rammed a police car, drove into two parked cars and crashed their car outside a school gates – it was only by good fortune that this did not result in a tragedy. Their greed overrode any other consideration and the length of the sentences reflects this total disregard for the law or the safety of others. I think Barnet residents should be relived that the court has seen fit to ensure the sentences reflect the severity of their crimes.”

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