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Photo of the journalist; Pam TaylorBy Pam Taylor

Rugoletta Restaurant
59 Church Lane
East Finchley

London, N2 8DR
Telephone 020 8815 1743

We decided to eat out at La Rugoletta on my birthday last night. We had tried a few times to go to this restaurant in the past, but every time it was totally booked up for the whole evening. This time my husband, Andrew, took precautions, and booked four days in advance.

Because of the size and storage space of the restaurant, they have decided not to go for a licence and charged a corkage of £2 instead. This was, in our eyes, perfectly reasonable. However, as Andrew observed, it is a risky business taking just the one bottle as, if it is corked, you would just have to have your food without any wine. In future, if we return, we will always take two bottles!

The staff were warm and friendly and there was a terrific buzz about the place. Andrew chose, as a starter, wild mushrooms cooked in olive oil with garlic which he thoroughly enjoyed and my tricolour was, quite definitely, the best I’ve ever had.

We both had entrecôte steak which was very flavoursome but, unfortunately, there was about 40% of fat in both of them. The steaks came served with green beans and sauteed potatoes.

Andrew had let slip it was my birthday, and they all came out of the kitchen with our sweets, all chocolatey and ice creamy, and mine had a lighted candle in it – they were all singing “Happy Birthday to you” with most of the patrons joining in.

Although the décor of the restaurant was nothing to write home about, it didn’t really seem important as the atmosphere was so lively with a loud buzz indicating that everyone was really enjoying themselves. The 34 seats of the restaurant were totally occupied which surely must make these warm friendly Italians very happy.

As Arnie used to say; “I’ll be back!”

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  1. Ampers Says:

    Yes, we’ll be back – but we’ll have a traditional Italian dish – pasta or pizza or, if we have to have meat, a non-steak dish. Their liver dish has had many reviews in lots of other websites and everyone says it is excellent.

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