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No names, no pack drill!

Now and again I need to contact a charity or not-for-profit in Finchley as I am about to write something on their particular sector.

I recently got a document sent to me, not an actual press release, but something I could use about the terrific work they are doing. This is a shame as I fully support their effort and they operate right on the other side of Finchley, a thirty minute walk, so there and back is over an hour of my day by the time I speak to them and admire what they are doing. I just don’t have the time.

Why can’t I contact them? Because they only give an email address, and never give a phone number. I think they imagine they are going to be swamped with calls. I thought that when I started the Archer twenty years ago, and when I started the Arrow two years ago, but it rarely happens, and I get an average of two to three telephone calls a day, three to five days a week.

OK, I hear you say, “An email is OK”.

Yes, not in this case as everytime I write to the lady in question, I get an email back from her Internet Provider saying my email could not be delivered as their mailbox quota is full. The Finchley Arrow use Google and my email is never full as I could have three or four thouand messages in my mailbox and it would still not be full. So there is no need to have emails bouncing.

It is important, even if you are involved in a not-for-profit, to be contactable as you never know what opportunities you are missing.

I email those who ask, a week before our deadline for events, and have added this organisations email address, but if it is always full, they’ll never know to put their events on.

In any organisation, communications is a really important issue.

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