Before the cuts start biting

Some of the things you can do around the house what may make life a little better.

Security. When times are hard, burglaries tend to increase and one thing one learns in the forces can be applied, fairly easily at home. This is that misinformation confuses the enemy.

A burglar needs to know the home is empty before he breaks in. Your job is to make that difficult and this can be done by using net curtains so he can’t look in. Sometimes he will look through the letterbox. Use a guard that allows post to fall, but stops prying eyes from seeing inside.

If you go out, buy a time switch for your lights and have them turn on and off between rooms to look as if someone is moving between the rooms.Have a decent speaker near the door on the floor and when the bell is pushed, have a sound like a soft growl from a big dog eminate. Barking is not the answer as most attack dogs don’t bark.

If you have a glass door, fix a letterbox with coves on all sides so post can’t be seen. Ask neighbours to keep an eye out and to push any papers or post all the way through for you if you are away or at work.

If you have a small conservatory in front of the front door. An expensive lock on your front door and a cheap lock on your conservatory means the burglar can get access easily, then close the conservatory door, and have all the time in the world to attack your expensive front door lock, away from the eyes of passers by. Make sure the conservatory door has a good lock on it.

There’s a lot more you can do, but this is a good start.

Water. A lot of people buy water from the shops and this is very expensive. Some people buy a Brita jug but this can also prove expensive. You can buy an undersink water filter with a tap for the drinking water for the sink, for around £45. Needs fitting but a plumber can fit it for you in minutes.

Garden. Perinnials can save money as they bloom each year, annuals are more colourful but have to be replaced each year. Keep these to a minimum. Think of growing your own vegitables. The money saved there can go into the garden kitty.

These are some ideas and if you can add to them, add your idea in the comments so you can share good ideas with others in Finchley.


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