Burglars like warm weather and Summer is coming

Barnet Metropolitan Police are offering the residents of Barnet advice on how they can protect their homes from burglars this spring and summer.

Burglars are opportunists and will take any chance they are given, but if you follow some of these simple tips while doing the spring cleaning and sorting out your garden now the weather has turned, then you can use that to your advantage by making it very difficult for them.

– While you are out in the garden doing the first mowing and trimming your hedges back after a wet but mild winter, consider the following alterations to your front and back yard:

– Place prickly hedges under windows and on boundaries – this makes climbing through a window very unappealing.

– Repair any fencing around your house, ensuring that fencing at the front is low so it does not provide cover for people trying to hide, but make sure it is high at the back of the house so it is harder to get over. Trellis style edging on the top makes it very hard to climb. Also make sure that any gates have good quality locks – and use them!

– Move bins away from fences so they cannot be used as an easy step over boundaries. They should be kept inside the locked garden perimeter.

– Consider replacing concrete or stone and earth based drives and paths with gravel instead. It is very noisy to walk along and will make it hard for anyone approaching your property to remain hidden.

– Repair, lock and use a shed for tools. Do not leave these open and easy to access as a huge proportion of burglaries are committed by using the home owners own tools to gain entry.

– Repair any locks, doors and windows so they are sturdy and can be locked whenever you leave the room. Remember, it only takes a few seconds for someone to reach in, so don’t leave a window open even if you are just in the next room.

– And, as per usual, don’t leave valuables on display or car keys or bags near your front door. These are a visible temptation to burglars that lets them know that your place is worth the effort. If you keys are in the entry hall and your front door is open it takes seconds for someone to make off with one of the most valuable things you are likely to own…your car.


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