Computer corner – a useful application for the harrassed executive

Today I want to talk about an application – referred to as an App – for several makes of phones, including Android, iPhone and Blackberry – in order of world sales.

But a little about the new breed of smartphone. I have the Android version and it has freed me from the office. I can handle just about everything on the phone from calls, texts and receiving and replying to emails. £20 to £30 a month which even includes the phone and also a good amount of inclusive calls, text and Internet is a very small price to pay for total freedom.

It is called Evernote.

It comes with a desktop computer program with the same name and they link with each other. Although the PC version is only available on Windows and the Mac, the guys at SourceForge have developed a Linux version called Nevernote.

It is a fairly simmple application. You can make notes on either your mobile or your desktop and they are immediately synchronised.

On first look, it doesn’t sound very much, but it’s proved very useful for me. Often I need to take a lot of information to meetings, and now I can just copy and paste the information, on my PC, to the application and it is there on my smartphone when I fire up the Evernote App.

And also, it can be useful for an executive with staff back at the office. They can also have a copy of the desktop program linked to your cellphone and if you call them up at a meeting for some extra information, it is there within seconds of copying and pasting.

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